June 15, 2006

item B : National Coordinators

This area is for use by National Coordinators.
Please add any individual or group views, suggestions, feedback, observations or recommendations related to the whole 3 year SchoolNet Project ...... not only during the final workshop but also at any time during the two weeks following the workshop.
The comments will be considering in the writing of the final Evaluation Report
click on the 'comments' below to add your thoughts ..... please include your name in any postings


At 24/6/06 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 24/6/06 10:22 PM, Anonymous Gerald Roos said...

I feel that National Coordinators have a vital role to play in supporting SchoolNet managers. This can be done (a) by allocating official time to the SchoolNet manager role, (b) showing an interest in the project and (c) elevating the project amongst other stakeholders both nationally and regionally. The teachers are showing huge amounts of enthusiasm and it is a real shame when this effort is not recognised.

At 27/6/06 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree with Gerald. I would like to add other things like supervising SchoolNet manager, head teachers, and teachers in doing their activities in SchoolNet Project; and linking schools with other resources.


At 24/7/06 4:55 AM, Blogger Rangsun Wiboonuppatum, Ph.D. said...

Although National Coordinators are very crucial person to roll the project up, teachers and students are centred for the most of part of the project. National Coordinators need to look also platforms to allow students and techers in those participating schools to meet and dicuss to each other. Although it cost a lot of get every teacher, some time we could merge the group with toher existing project such as Intel Teach to the Future, Youth Camp sponsof by Microsoft, and think.com where teachers and students can have virtual platform to meet and discuss in educational environmental friendly.


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