June 15, 2006

item D : SchoolNet Managers

This area is for use by SchoolNet Managers.
Please add any individual or group views, suggestions, feedback or observations related to the whole 3 year SchoolNet Project ...... not only during the final workshop but also at any time until 14th July 2006..
The comments will be considering in the writing of the final Evaluation Report
click on the 'comments' below to add your thoughts ..... please include your name to any postings


At 25/6/06 3:07 PM, Anonymous Gerald Roos said...

I believe that any multi-national collaborative project needs a regional coordinator in each country. The Schoolnet managers have been playing this role.It is very noticeable how successful clases were where the Schoolnet manager was very active. Phillipines and Myanmar are perfect examples and I must really commend Maria Liza Gulbin and Khin Aye Cho for their commitment, but not forget Kadam and Nissa and Chanarat whose efforts were also noted. Malaysia was the biggest diappointment with about 20 teachers from model schools registering and hardly any paricipating, and not a word from the Schoolnet coordinator in all that time. Sorry to be so frank, but I think it clearly illustrates the importance of leadership and coordination at country level.

At 27/6/06 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not enougt training for me .Khamhoung Lao PDR

At 27/6/06 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are highly appreciated if UNESCO could provide more training on ICT in education for our teachers, financial support for our SchoolNet connectivity. Sethy Om, Cambodia.

At 27/6/06 3:48 PM, Blogger Chris Smith said...

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At 30/6/06 1:12 PM, Blogger nissa said...

schoolnet manager just a part of LC system. we need a support role from national coordinator and the most important a big support from teacher and student. we just a facilitator for them.
But, they all said to me, they happy with learning circles even that they are very busy and sometimes internet connection is very bad.

At 2/7/06 10:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Gerald in his view of the vital role of schoolnet manager in a country. Responsiblities should be carried out to succeed and it is quite tasking for us to contact far away school in the country but nevertheless we were abke to do it. Thank you to gerald, UNESCO, JFIT. more Power

Maria Liza

At 13/7/06 6:42 PM, Blogger maria said...

Other schoolnet managers are asking for more trainings, I agree with them; but nevertheless we are back to work for the next Learning circle which for me is fun because more countries are joining. Hope to hear from you guys; we've got wider scope now. thanks

At 20/7/06 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that teacher training is a need. But, we have to consider the levels/stages of training. for examples, Unesco can provide four levels ofteacher training, i.e emerging (level1), applying (level2), integrating (level3) and transforming (level4). Those teacher training level should be designed well so that can be conducted annually. Beside that, we have to consider the ammount of participants and language barriers. So, those training (in all level) also conducted in each country cascadely. Teachers trained by UNESCO are considered as Master Trainer, they are assigned to give some training in their own country.

Uwes A. Chaeruman .... (Indonesia)


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