May 29, 2006

item 3 : Teachers Sharing

What are your views on the ...
assessment of how many teachers have been trained and whether they have shared their knowledge gained from the workshops to other teachers in the pilot schools or other schools in their countries (also through the use of peer coaching)
Some views already received last December and in the questionnaires include ...
  • the questionnaires seem to indicate that some schools were more successful than others at running courses in the school to pass on 'SchoolNet' skills to others
  • some participants have suggested that more teacher training should have been done by UNESCO centrally


At 14/6/06 3:28 PM, Anonymous Alexa Joyce said...

I haven't visited many countries yet, but my trip to the Philippines was very encouraging in this respect. The teachers who had been trained were training others, and were also attending additional national training to ensure their skills were up to date.


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