May 29, 2006

item 1 :The Level of Technology Integration in each of the Pilot Schools

What are your views on the:
level of technology integration in each of your pilot schools, pedagogical strategies used by the teachers, changes in the knowledge and skills of the teachers and students and level of collaboration among the students and teachers as a result of the project?
Some views already received last December and in the questionnaires include ...
  • nearly all teachers and students have said they learnt new skills
  • most enjoyed the 'collaborative' aspect of the project especially internationally
  • many teachers expressed an interest in receiving more ICT skills training
  • there was a general feeling that more ICT equipment was needed in schools
  • many schools would welcome more reliable internet connections.



At 14/6/06 3:24 PM, Anonymous Alexa Joyce said...

After meeting some teachers, and seeing comments from them on the learning circles, I think the collaboration has been very successful. I previously worked on telecollaboration in Europe, and even there (with very good infrastructure and a lot of training) it can be hard to get telecollaboration running successfully. In my opinion, is extremely impressive that schools have overcome so many obstacles to be at this level of collaboration.

At 24/6/06 10:33 PM, Anonymous Gerald Roos said...

It is remarkable how the enthusiasm of teachers has won through. Connectivity problems are a terrible disappointment and it was so hard to see many classes remain silent when you know that the teachers and the students are excited to paricipate. I have been very imnpressed with the determination shown by teachers to ovecome these issues, especially the Myanmar teachers, but also many others.

At 24/6/06 10:37 PM, Anonymous Gerald Roos said...

To be quite frank, I think that the call for more computers is misplaced in this project. It is possible to participate in a learning circle with just one computer in the class/school. I have seen it done often. One teacher, in a similar project, used to carry home the desktop copmuter in order to use her telephone line and the modem - the school had no telephone. Maybe that shold go under interesting stories, but it proves a point.

At 22/7/06 8:06 AM, Blogger Kadam Vongdeuane said...

I agree with Alex Joyce about this SchoolNet project was successful and helpful. We can use telecollaboration and sharing lessons from students and teachers in the pilot schools. However we would have the strong technical support team to monitor and get help when we have problem on network for example: internet speed, networking in computer-lab and capacity building more about facilities that we received from UNESCO (in dept). Cheer!!!


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