May 29, 2006

item 4 : Strengths and Weaknesses of the SchoolNET Project

What are your views on the :
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities/successes and obstacles in implementing the schoolnet project, and comparison of these issues in relation to other similar projects in the region ....
Some views already received last December and in the questionnaires include ...
  • in December many participants highlighted the problems with timing when planning for all countries to do the Learning Circles project at the same time .... different term times and holidays became a barrier to completion of projects in the time frame
  • there were some techical problems with hardware, software and connectivity
  • the CD of materials was well received but has not been used by all teachers
  • the rubric for evaluating the final Powerpoints/Webpages was not uses at all
  • "collaboration" is seen as the big strength in this project and Learning Circles was a good framework


At 22/6/06 10:36 AM, Blogger Tinsiri Siribodhi said...

-teachers' committment
-active national coordinators
-active schoolnet managers
-good/reliable internet connection
-1st project ever on telecollaboration activieis among 8 ASEAN countries
-give students opportunities to learn beyond their classroom bounderies, especially schools in the marginalized area
-strong support from the Ministry of Education
-give teachers opportunities to improve their skill and knowledge, including innovative practices in ICT integration
-teachers have opportunities to develop ICT-based lessons plans and share with other countries

-delay in the communication process with the countries
-some countries need technical support and guidance
-not enough computers for the students
-in-active national coordinators and schoolnet managers
-language barriers (for some countries)


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