June 15, 2006

item C : Headteachers

This area is for use by Headteachers.
If any Headteachers wish to leave comments here about their participation in the SchoolNet Project then they would be most welcome at any time up until 14th July 2006.
The comments will be considering in the writing of the final Evaluation Report
click on the 'comments' below to add your thoughts ..... please include your name and country in any postings


At 18/7/06 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being chosen as one of the implementors of SchoolNet builds up the schools prestige. It made a big difference in the lives of our teachers and students. I commend the National Coordinators teachers , students, UNESCO, JFIT ,Cedric, Tinsiri, Alexa Gerald, Chris , Meena, Maneerat, Permsak and everybody behind the project. We work hand in hand for its sustainability for the good of the students. More Power



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