June 16, 2006

Fun Stories or Experiences

Do you have any fun stories or experiences that happened doing the SchoolNet Project ... here is the place to share them ....


At 22/6/06 10:27 AM, Blogger Tinsiri Siribodhi said...

During the 1st round of the telecollaboration activities in 2005, Malaysia students from SMK (P) Seri Aman school planed to talk to the Thai students from Suksasongkroh school LIVE. This activity was part of the Launch of the UNESCO-ASEAN SchoolNet project in Malaysia. It would be witness by the Malaysian Minister of Education who open the ceremony on that day. The date and time were set up and confirmed.

Ms. Ranchini, a teacher from Malaysia called me the day before and said that she couldn't get a hold of Mr.Jintana, a Thai teacher who will supervise the Thai students. So, I called Ms. Jintana and arranged them to talk to each other. Things are under control, so far.

The next morning, when the opening ceremony was near, no sign of the Thai students on-line. Ms. Ranchini was nervouse so she called me again because she can't call Ms. Jintana. I tried to contact Ms. Jintana and finally got a hold of her. She was on her way to the Internet cafe in town. It was a heavy rain the night before so the Internet connection at the School was down. The students couldn't use the internet so she loaded the students on a pick-up truck and took them to the Internet cafe so they could access the Internet and communicated with the Malaysian students. They got to talk to each other on time for the opening ceremony. The Malaysian Minister was very impressed and had an opportunity to send messages to the Thai students as well.

Whew! what an effort of the Teachers from Suksasongkroh school and Ms. Ranchini. --such a committment and dedication, Congratulations!--

At 24/7/06 4:51 AM, Blogger Rangsun Wiboonuppatum, Ph.D. said...

I attended a Think Global Partner Conference in Sandiego. Happened to run into Janet (the Executive Schoolnet from South Africa). I mentioned about the Learning Circle innitiative to her. She knew what the activities were like so we end up have a common ground understand of how internet activities in forms of collaborative project can be conducted. It need a very passionate like Gerald, Janet mentioned.


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